Database Explorer API beta released

March 17, 2008 17:10 by garrymc

For anyone that's read my blog entries you've seen me make mention to a framework that I've been working on. Well today marks the release of the first beta of part of that framework. The Database Explorer API, is a database schema API that is designed to make accessing database schema information easy and intuitive.

The API has support for schemas, tables, views, indexes, constraints, relationships ie 1-1, 1-M, M-M, M-1 and recursion. While its original goal was as a replacement for the SchemaExplorer API provided with the Code Smith product, its uses are most definitely not limited to code generation. The API has no dependencies on any other libraries except the ones required to run your database. So if you're a user of MyGeneration, ArchAngel or some other code generation tool, or even if you want to use it in a windows form application you'll only have to reference the dll's to get started; oh and its free too!

The API is fairly complete but does lack support for stored procedures, functions, and retrieving contents of views. However, these are slated for a future release and any feed back on which are more important would be appreciated.ConsoleSample

At present the API is in beta and only supports SQL Server 2005, however the provider model being used can easily be used to support other databases. If you are working with another database I'd be happy to work with you to get that database supported.

I've tried to supply a reasonable about of documentation and a few samples (which I'll blog about in more detail over the next week or so) to help get you up and running fast, because I know if it takes more than 10 minutes to get a feel for something, its probably too hard. For those not familiar with Code Smith I've just completed a sample using a console app so you can see it works as easy without Code Smith. The sample is the same as the one detailed in the API overview so check that out for more details.

As this is a beta I welcome all feed back, positive or negative (though keep it constructive) and I intend to keep releasing updates regularly. To keep updated, I'd recommend registering with the rss feed. The following links provide you with more information about the current release and what to expect in future releases.

dnp.Framework  - Provides a summary of the framework and its components. You can also download the framework here.

Database Explorer API Overview - provides an overview of the API and a covers one of the samples within the API.

Database Explorer API - Provides more detailed information about the API including a class diagram. (work in progress)


Download: Database Explorer - Console (39.42 kb)


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